OurCrowd's Jon Medved.

OurCrowd AI fund to collaborate with NVIDIA Inception

The fund will invest in 20-25 venture investments diversified by stage and geography and will cooperate with NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups, provide co-marketing support, and opportunities to connect with NVIDIA experts

OurCrowd AI Fund announced on Tuesday that it will offer select artificial intelligence startups, in collaboration with NVIDIA, a fast track into the NVIDIA Inception program.
The fund will invest in 20-25 venture investments diversified by stage and geography, sourced by a team of investment professionals, along with professionals from OurCrowd’s global network of third-party VC funds. The fund will also pursue follow-on opportunities in the most promising portfolio investments.
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Jon OurCrowd 2024
Jon OurCrowd 2024
OurCrowd's Jon Medved.
(Photo: OurCrowd)
So far, several companies have been approved to be part of OurCrowd’s AI Fund including:
D-ID - D-ID revolutionizes digital interactions with AI-powered Digital People, enhancing customer engagement across various sectors, and has produced over 150 million videos for diverse clients including Fortune 500 companies.
One Zero Digital Bank - Israel's first fully licensed digital bank, leveraging technology to provide customers with an automated private banking experience.
Polaris Quantum Biotech - Applying quantum computing technology to find promising molecules for the process of drug development.
“The OurCrowd AI Fund gives accredited investors the chance to access the most promising opportunities in AI startups as identified by experienced venture capital experts,” said Jon Medved, CEO and Founder of OurCrowd. “Our collaboration with NVIDIA Inception will help give qualifying companies in the fund access to a program tailor-made to nurture startups and equip them for success.
“When people think of artificial intelligence today, they think of generative AI programs like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However, the transformative power of AI goes much further than its ability to generate text, photographs, music, video, and other materials,” Medved said. “Investors need to take a vertical view of the AI revolution. The application of AI to each business vertical will transform our world and shape the economies of the future. AI is poised to affect every industry sector, with an impact comparable to the introduction of cloud computing, social media, the smartphone, the PC, and, before that, electricity.”
NVIDIA Inception is a free program designed to nurture startups, providing co-marketing support, and opportunities to connect with the NVIDIA experts. The program supports all stages of a startup’s life cycle.
Arik Kol, Senior Director, Head of NVIDIA Inception Israel said, “Our collaboration with OurCrowd AI Fund will develop the next generation of AI startups, helping to shape the way that AI will benefit multiple aspects of our lives."
Qualifying startups selected for the OurCrowd AI Fund portfolio will be fast-tracked into Inception, which will support them through access to NVIDIA Training courses. These companies will also benefit from opportunities to collaborate with industry-leading experts and access to additional investors, as well as cloud credits through NVIDIA partners and preferred pricing on select NVIDIA hardware and software.
OurCrowd is Israel’s most active AI investor, with $386 million invested across 81 AI companies worldwide, with 8 exits to date including Lemonade, Magisto, and BriefCam, and is ranked among the top 15 most active VCs worldwide in AI deals since 2012, according to an analysis of PitchBook data.